Cogniac computer vision supports many different applications
Automatically detect custom objects and patterns of interest from images and videos
  • Monitor social media brands
  • Moderate user generated content
  • Detect and count custom objects
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Safety & Security
Analyze safety, security, or analytic objects from IP network camera video streams
  • Detect custom objects and events from live security camera video
  • Realtime alarms based on detections
  • Count objects and actions ongoing in video over time, and assemble analytics reports
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Analyze industrial, scientific, medical, manufacturing, agricultural, and national security objects from images and videos
  • Count, measure, find a region of interest, or detect patterns
  • Guaranteed human-level accuracy
  • Premium technical and field support
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Subjects are words or phrases that describe things related to an image or video.

A "subject unit" is either 1 image (up to 1920×1080) or 1 second of video (up to 1080p30) processed for 1 subject